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Thank you for considering Fearlessly in Bloom for your retail space! We provide select products from our catalogue at wholesale pricing through Faire.

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Fearlessly in Bloom is a Black-owned arts brand that celebrates Black culture, personal liberation, and the pursuit of joy. Our wholesale catalogue features vibrant artwork designed by African-American artists: mugs, notebooks, eco-friendly tote bags, plant-based jewelry, and home decor.

As a vibrantly curated Black-owned business, our goal was to create a safe space where Black culture could be celebrated and uplifted, where sustainably-sourced African black soap could be found alongside vibrant Black art, and where Black joy could bloom without fear or camouflage.

Fearlessly in Bloom is dedicated to a high standard of integrity and authenticity in our business model. We intentionally cultivate strong relationships with our wholesale buyers and retail suppliers, building a strong community as we solidify parternships with value-based retailers that align with our vision.

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